Learning to replicate texture in your illustrations starts with one very crucial ingredient, observation. Studying materials is one of the trickiest studies we can undertake as it calls in to place all of the principles we have spent time honing. It's a tricky skill to study, but it takes time and perseverance. In this weeks online tutorial, I'll be going through some basic principles I utilize myself on top of these videos when replicating different materials.

Work your way through these tutorials at your own will, and feel free to have a play with the exercise at the end.

Here are some links for some good texture examples.



This week we'll be doing some material studies in our weekly online tutorial. Attached to the right is a template for some material studies. Using the alphabet as a catalyst for ideas, use the circle to creatively replicate a texture/surface of an object/material.

Its a fun exercise to do when you have some time to kill, so feel free to do as many as you would like. prior and after the online class.