Course will be delivered in a combination of online conference and video tutorial. I apologize for the change, but believe this delivery method will better suit the content, provide a more productive delivery method and make the classes more accessible for everyone.

  • 8 weeks starting March 22nd
  • 1 weekly video covering topic and exercises for the week.
  • Online work shopping: from 8:00pm to 10pm (estimated finish time) on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings on Google Hangout (google+ account required)
  • Open to artists of all levels from all fields of illustrative art
  • Price is $150 for 8 weeks
  • 18+

Course Overview

 Classes cover core fundamentals of Drawing and Illustration and will be available to students both N.O.R. and S.O.R. in Perth, WA.

Classes combine theory, practical exercises and project work with constructive feedback and direction. They are suitable for artists of all levels who are looking to build their skills in a fun constructive group environment and work on illustration projects.

Each week, students will be granted access to an online video that gives an in-depth look at the Weekly Focus Topic. It will also cover a guided exercise in imagination & concept ideation and/or based on the topic of the week. This will be followed by access to one of two guided online conferences where students can engage in their practical study of that topic and to work on their major illustration project whilst receiving constructive feedback.





Weekly Focus topics

Week 1

Line, shape and construction


Week 2

Composition, laws of perspective


Week 3

Shading, value, form and lighting


Week 4

Colour theory and application


Week 5

Anatomy: Form, construction and gesture


Week 6

Anatomy: face, hands & features


Week 7

Cloth, textures and surfaces


Week 8

Project class review


About the Instructor

Classes will be guided by myself (Jon Siva, the guy who's site you're on)

I have a long background in commissioned art, having worked for years as a Custom Tattoo Artist before making a change to pursue Digital Illustration as a career.

I have worked across a broad range of work, from advertising and marketing, apparel, book covers, game and character design and commissioned art pieces for various companies and individuals home and abroad. Currently I am working on artwork for Fox Studios and Lucas Film as well as on my own personal project a custom playable card deck titled Gods & Men, .

I'm still traveling along my own art journey, I have plenty of places I want to take it and still much to learn myself, but I am also very keen to share what I know with other passionate artists and help others along their own journey.

You can view samples of my work here


First Meetup Sunday the 22nd of March at 10:30am.

First Tuesday session March 24th.

First Thursday Session March 26th

Join the facebook group after your purchase for further details.

ONLINE - Imaginative Drawing & Illustration Class A - Tuesday

9 week Class held Tuesday 8:00pm - 10:00pm (Perth Time) online through Google hangout.

Class sizes are limited to 8 students per session, this is to allow sufficient time with each member.

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ONLINE - Imaginative Drawing & Illustration Class B - Thursday

9 week Class held Thursday 8:00pm - 10:00pm (Perth Time) online through Google hangout.

Class sizes are limited to 8 students per session, this is to allow sufficient time with each member.

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What type of artists are these classes suitable for? You don't really look like my style...

Classes are suitable for people who are interested in all forms and styles of illustrative arts (comics, cartoons, manga, decorative, tattoo, traditional editorial, contemporary editorial, etc, etc). At the same time, I can only teach what I know.

Classes will be focused on the core foundational principles to creating a strong illustration that is engaging and effective in communicating the desired concept. There will be a strong focus on observing the real world and then translating that in to our art. Particularly in these first run of classes, there is a strong focus on studying the human form, but principles from these studies can be translated in to other applications.

There is plenty of room for bringing along your own style and personal flavour. Having a diverse range of voices in the class would be great. I personally love many forms of illustration myself and look forward to learning something new too.

What level are these classes suitable for?

Artists of any level of drawing are encouraged to come along as long as you are hungry to learn. At the moment classes are restricted to 18 and above, but please fill in the form at the bottom if you have a kid between 12 and 17 who may be interested as I will be opening up a class for that age group in the near future. It will be a bit different though, focused more on Drawing for Comics and Cartooning.

Where and when will they be held?

Currently classes are to be held with a combination of online contact and weekly meetups in the Perth CBD/Nortbridge area. This may include excursions to such places as The Museum of Western Australia, The Perth Zoo and Kings Park.

What will I need to bring?

There will be a book list given out to students once they have enrolled detailing general drawing supplies that they may like to try. Classes will utilize both traditional and digital media (such as photoshop, corel paint, paint tool sai whatever your preference). Instruction will be based in Photoshop as it is my native language.

Do I have to work digitally?

You don't have to work digitally, students are encouraged to study and experiment with traditional media when we meet up and in their own time, however the Digital nature of the classes delivery may make it a little tricky to work with traditional. A solution could be to have a digital camera on hand to photograph your work and to upload to the hangout in order to receive feedback. When we catch up, you are more than welcome to experiment with what ever you are comfortable with, pencils, pens, markers, water color pencils, etc.

What type of instruction will I receive?

The focus for these classes is on the foundational principles of representational art, it doesn't matter what medium you use, what style of illustration you are in to, there are core underlying principles that work together to build a solid image. I'll be there to assist where I can, to offer feedback and advice and to teach what I know. Also the great thing about getting together with a group is hearing what other members of the group have to say, so students will also be encouraged to share their thoughts and suggestions with their peers in a respectful and constructive manner.

How many spots are available?

Classes will be capped at 8 students per meet up (so 16 in total) with one catch up a week in the CBD. Numbers and available days for online hangouts may open up depending on interest, but I wouldn't go betting on on this, so make sure to submit your interest and get in quick! Also feel free to share with others who may be interested as well.

How much will this cost?

Currently pricing is $150 for the 9 weeks. A final pricing will become available before enrolment once all overheads are locked down.



Submission of Interest

If you have missed out on this round, add yourself to the notification list and receive notice when the next round of classes become available for enrollment. Also follow me on facebook to stay up to date! facebook.com/jonsivaillustration

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